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The new way to track your health

Set goals, visualise changes in your body,
and track your progress with Bodymapp

Have you ever stepped on the scales only to be disappointed when the number didn’t reflect your progress? This is really common, because changes in

your body composition don’t always show on the scales!


This is because of body recomposition, where you build some muscle at the same time as losing fat. When this happens, your weight may stay the same despite feeling and seeing physical changes, which can be disheartening.

Bodymapp makes it easier than ever to measure and track important body and health measurements, with the ability to see your changes over time.

There's more than one way to measure progress

A premium membership in the Bodymapp app gives you unlimited 3D body scans anywhere, anytime just using your mobile device. All you need is an iPhone X-14 or an iPad Pro. It's the perfect addition to any fitness and healthy eating program, as it will help you track your fitness progress over time, which will keep you motivated to stay on track. You also get a 3D avatar of your body that helps you visualise your progress by comparing your avatar throughout your fitness or weight loss journey.


What Next?

Start scanning!


Use your phone or the Bodymapp station at Goodlife Toowong to scan and access up to 20 body measurements and health metrics.

Get a Bodymapp Report


Each scan gives you a comprehensive health report that gives personalised, holistic insight into health and fitness – from posture, somatotype, body fat estimate, to BMR and more.

Set a goal & track


Goal setting, progress tracking and side-by-side comparison features help you see fitness changes, which is a powerful way to keep you motivated to continue training.

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Download the app, create an account and
enter the codes
KRISTAL or goodlife
to activate your 30-day free trial!

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