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Kelsey Haryluk

“Kristal has consistently proven to be a motivating and knowledgeable personal trainer. Quite honestly, I had always been skeptical to have a personal trainer as I doubted their abilities to help me get back into shape. However, after my first session with Kristal, I left the gym with the same zest for fitness that she brings to every training session. Kristal helped me achieve the results I was looking for with her encouraging and positive style of training. She truly cares about her clients and makes sure to teach us the theory behind the exercises we do so that we can create a sustainable training plan for ourselves when working out solo. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to be trained by Kristal and would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve a new goal, feel strong and healthy, and achieve their best possible physique" 

Kate Linklater

“I started training with Kristal in October last year. My goal was to tone up and lose weight for my Christmas holiday in Bali. I really like weight training and was previously doing it on my own. I always felt really self-conscious as there are so many guys in the weight area and was worried my technique was wrong. Training with Kristal has been great, I don’t worry about being the only girl in the weight area as she got me focused on what we’re doing, has me working harder and lifting a lot heavier than I would on my own. Because of this I have toned up and even dropped a dress size, hence why I continue to train with Kristal long after my holiday to Bali. If you want great results I recommend you train with her, she is a very friendly, professional and knowledgeable trainer.”

Learn about Fleur's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Maricris Salazar

“I started training with Kristal in October 2011. From day one she had me training beyond my boundaries. She supported me in every aspects of our training: nutrition, diet, supplements, posture, spotting me with weight lifting and that extra push to get me past my limit. I truly enjoyed training with Kristal. She is very bubbly, understanding and such a friendly person. I highly recommend Kristal to all those people who want to achieve their health and fitness goals.”

Ros Capenes

Training with Kristal has been an amazing experience. I’m 57 and felt I should do something about my fitness and strength before I start to get any serious problems. I had never done weight training before and needed a lot of guidance but I have been so happy with what I’ve achieved with her help and have surprised myself by being able to push weights I’d never have believed I could. I have noticed such a difference in my general health and strength in such a short time. Kristal has been an awesome PT and an incredible role model in what she has achieved herself in her own training and competing. Do yourself a favour - if you want to see a difference in your body pick Kristal as your PT – she will work you hard but it is so worth it!

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Judy Schwansen

“Being a regular gym member I had always thought that I didn't need a personal trainer. That was until I won eight free sessions with Kristal Stirling. My perception of personal trainers changed. Kristal is very professional, she understands my needs and goals and is able to push me far beyond what I think I can achieve. After a training session I feel really good and surprised at what I was capable of. I have never felt better and can really recommend Kristal as a personal trainer.”

Jessica Ellis

“Kristal is a star. She is such a positive person to be around that you are automatically motivated to train as hard as she’ll push you. I’ve had personal trainers before, and I have to say that Kristal’s methods have gotten me results, whereas the other Personal Trainers did not. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get fit, strong and lean (and who doesn’t want to be that way?) J Since Kristal has trained me, I have toned up and lost centimetres off my hips, thighs and waist, which I am extremely happy with. I feel great and tend to get comments from my friends and family on how good I look – I always say thanks to Kristal “K-dizzle” Stirling”

Learn about Stelle's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.


"Despite being an enthusiastic and committed devotee of healthy living, I had struggled to attain my fitness goals for several years.  I had explored endless articles on dieting, nutrition, weights, cardio, interval training, blood analysis, etc, etc, etc … or so it felt.  I knew something was missing, but I didn’t know what.  That was, until, I started my training with Kristal.


Kristal’s deep knowledge of the science and inherent passion for helping others results in a customised program that delivers!  She listened to my story, understood my path and used it all as ‘grist for the mill’ for my new quest.  Her commitment to achieving results is the most important ingredient anyone could ask for in a trainer.  She continued to research material which was pertinent to my specific condition in an endeavour to finally crack the code that was keeping me from my goal.


Kristal is the most motivated, supportive and genuine individual I have met within the industry. Training with Kristal is not for the feint hearted. If you want results, she will help you get them … BUT be prepared to SWEAT, HURT and be BRUISED along the way. I realise that sounds horrible now, but you will be thanking Kristal later."

Susina Cragg

“I decided to do Kristal’s 8 week challenge this year as I have been going to the gym for a couple of years and eat healthy the majority of the time – however I wanted to try something new which would aid in becoming fitter and strongerand losing a little more weight. I really enjoyed my PT sessions with Kristal as she is very approachable and easy to chat to – basically like training with a friend. I found it really motivating that at each of my measurement sessions she pushed how important finding your happy balance is. She has a large array of knowledge and I feel that my sessions with her made me realize I can lift and push myself a lot more then I thought. She is a wonderful role model for girls who are worried about lifting heavy and building too much muscle (which is a very common misconception with weight training), watching her through her journey for pre-comp prep and her dedication to her diet and training made me push myself a lot harder. I really enjoyed doing this 8 week challenge and noticed results within the first 2 weeks which was great. I continued having PT sessions after my challenge as I enjoyed having them with Kristal and felt it was a positive change - she helped me uncover a love for workin'g out" 

Learn about Shona's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Jessica Riske

“Kristal was my trainer at Fitness First Toowong for 8 weeks in August 2011. I saw her weekly for personal training sessions not necessarily to lose weight, but to get toned up and to get bikini ready for a Thailand summer holiday. Each week I started to see amazing results; muscle tone, weight loss, improved posture and I felt more self confident, healthy and strong! Kristal is such a great trainer. She's personable, friendly and motivated me to achieve my goals without being too pushy. Needless to say I was extremely happy with the investment I had made in my personal training with Kristal at the end of the 8 weeks. She has still been supportive, motivating and offers advice even though I'm no longer technically her client. A few months ago she recommended me a diet and food plan that helped me further achieve my health and fitness goals. Kristal is a Superwoman and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve their goals.”

Michael Willoughby

“I started training with Kristal a few months ago, after having trained with another Personal Trainer, and then trying to accomplish my goals on my own.  I soon realized that I would never reach my goals on my own, so I contacted her for a session.  After that first session, I knew I made a great decision to train with Kristal.  She has a contagious energy that carries you through a tough session.  She’s reliable, dedicated and motivates me to do more than I ever thought possible.  Since training with her, I’ve realized great gains in lean muscle mass, decreasing body fat percentage, and a confidence that I’d been missing my whole life.  She has an uncanny ability to know what I can accomplish, and how to get me to do it without complaining.  She’s willing to tailor a session to what muscle groups I want to work on, and she challenges me every session to do more, do better than I did in the last session.  I’d recommend her to anyone; she’s the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. At this rate, I’ll reach my goals in no time—she’s awesome!”

Learn about Bronte's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Joan Horsted

“When I first started with Kristal I had no idea it was going to be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I initially saw it as an investment in rediscovering my body after more than a year's heavy partying and bad eating and drinking habits that usually accompanies being a traveller. Now I have a short temper and a very low patience so hours spend on a treadmill felt like a waste of time but a necessary evil. So when Kristal told me about quicker results using weights and resistance training I was ready to give it a go - even though the thought of me lifting heavy weights seemed a little ridiculous. But the results and improvements came almost immediately! To go to the gym wasn't a pain any more and it wasn't only about having a work out but also education. Kristal's passion for her fitness and her very happy personality was inspiring - and very motivating! She knew more about my body than I ever would have thought and starting with her was probably my best decision made in 2011. I stayed with her for as long as my work situation allowed it and have since then made the jump myself to become a certified personal trainer in 2012 - and, even now with my extended knowledge in the field, looking back on the training sessions with her I actually still program after the same guidelines she taught me. She provided with me with endless motivation, positive feedback and taught spotless technique and training theory - which turned out to be just the push I needed to get where I am today. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to see great results!”

Neda Gald

“Training with Kristal has been an inspirational journey. I never thought I was capable of lifting weights among the big muscular men at the gym. I was able to achieve the one thing every woman begs for daily, a flat sexy stomach! That’s right I went from three rolls around my stomach to none in approximately 6 weeks. Kristal definitely walks the talk and pushes you to new limits.”

Learn about Melissa's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Cat Davis

“Before I trained with Kristal I hadn’t realised how unachievable I had perceived my goals to be.  However after I started training with her I realised they were actually achievable!  When she asked me what my goals were I hadn’t realised that I had never seriously considered the question.  “To get skinny and fit” didn’t adequately describe what I wanted to achieve.  Her question made me think seriously about the question for the first time, including how I could achieve my goals.  I never actually thought I would be able to easily fit into a size 8, but Kristal helped me achieve that, and I’m now well on my way to being in the position to enjoy going to the beach without worrying about my body. She also changed my attitude in relation to food and exercise completely. 

Previously you’d be lucky to see me at the gym a few times a month; now I’m exercising at least 5-6 days per week. Kristal was even able to get me cooking, something you’d also rarely see me do!  My attitude now is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not dieting.  As a student, healthy habits that save me money are always a plus too. Kristal is particularly worth her weight in gold because she’ll push you much further than you ever thought you could go; therein lies the benefit of having a personal trainer. It is not just about the session you do with them at the time, it is about keeping you on track.  Each week even if I strayed from the path a little I knew I would be seeing Kristal, which motivated me to continue training and working hard. I cannot tell enough people how beneficial having a PT is; it genuinely changed my life. I didn’t realise there was absolutely nothing stopping me from having exactly the body I wanted. Now I realise this.”

Lavinia Strachan

"well what can I say!! Kristal is a great pt, who pushes you each and every time :) what with the diet plan, continuous encouragement, challenging sessions in 10 weeks my body certainly changed!!! If you are serious and want results kristal's your girl!" 

Learn about Mike's 8 Week Challenge journey and his experience training with Kristal.

Rochelle Geddes

“I was fortunate enough to meet Kristal Stirling through ‘free trial’ Personal Training sessions. Straight away I knew that she was very knowledgeable, not only with how she trains people but also by her extended knowledge in nutrition. After attending these free trials I soon realized that Kristal would be my key to losing weight as her support, guidance and passion for fitness stood high above the rest. After deciding to start training with her two times a week and sticking strictly to the diet plan that she had created for me, which was specifically made for my weight/body shape and height I began to see results very quickly. After a few months of training with Kristal she has not only been my trainer but has become a great friend. Her dedication to fitness and healthy eating is very inspirational to not only myself but to everybody around her. Choosing to train with Kristal is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, as I now have so much more of an insight into how to train properly and most importantly it has changed my view on how important the diet side is when wanting to lose weight. For anyone who has found that they have tried absolutely everything to lose weight but have not seen results, then I highly recommend you to train with Kristal Stirling as it will not only change your whole lifestyle completely but will change your mindset also.”

Rhiannon Tooker

"I came to see Kristal because I was lacking the motivation I needed to get into the gym and get in some quality workouts. She listen to me about my goals and motivation, encourage me to try new exercise, and motivate me to lift a lot more than I thought I could! Her lift heavy weights and eat well philosophy is maintainable and effective, and you give so much support through the whole process! Kristal is a great trainer - motivated, high-energy, and (a big one for me) always working on how you she can be an even better one."

Learn about Joanne's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Lara Croydon

"When I first decided to make a change to better my health, joining a gym was a huge step. It was recognition that I had made bad choices for my body and caused a dip in my confidence. The first literal step into the gym was terrifying. I was surrounded by insanely fit people and I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. That was when I met Kristal. She was kind and supportive and took me to where I needed. So when I decided to get a personal trainer, there was only one person in my mind. Kristal is the best trainer I could’ve asked for. She works hard and trains you hard. She creates training programs and diets tailored to getting you to your goals. She monitors your progress and adjusts these to ensure that you don’t plateau in your training. She invests herself in your training and your goals and I have to say, I have surpassed my goals since training with Kristal. My original goal was to loose 10kg, but since training with Kristal I have lost 13kg, countless cm off my body and, most importantly, I have regained confidence, health and happiness in myself.  I am now strong enough in mind and body that I am competing in the INBA Queensland Titles for fitness modelling.'" The road is long, the training is hard. But I have amazing support in my trainer. She is constantly sending me through health tips and articles to keep me on top of my training and diet, even on days that I don’t train with her. She pushes me when I need to be pushed, supports me when I need support and keeps me on track when I feel like straying. I owe so much to Kristal. She is a great trainer, a great friend and the best decision I have made."

Lisa Neha

"Kristal is more than just a PT. There is definitely nothing ordinary about her. She possess superpowers like no other. She has a massive personality with knowledge and experience to match. I have improved not only my lifting technique but all aspects of my health. She gives you the tools to not only smash your personal goals, but to positively influence those around you. She's extremely passionate about all that she puts her mind to. It does not matter if you are a gym junkie or a newbie, she caters for all. It has been an honour to train under Kristal, I have learnt many valuable lessons that I am using in all aspects of my life."

Learn about Sylvia's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Kim B

"Kristal is 100% dedicated to YOU. Your training session is focused on exercises, movement and weight that works for you. She's there every step of the way to encourage you and to hold you accountable for choices you make. If you want someone who is passionate about health, fitness and living the talk, she's your PT!" 

Xanthe Wallace

"Kristal’s been training me for over six months now, and in that time I went from barely lifting a 20kg bar, to deadlifting a personal best of 100kg! I have gained so much confidence from the change in shape my body has taken, and I’ve even started wearing shorts again! The support and advice Kristal gave me while I trained though my final year of high school, was unparalleled. She helped me to juggle gym and study, and to still have fun while I was at it. Words cannot express how much of a help Kristal has been and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to gain fitness or just lose some weight."

Learn about Ruth's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Choa Ping

"I started training with Kristal and I can say it was really one of my best decisions in life. Firstly, she came up with a training regime that I didn’t expect but it worked wonders. I started to see muscles in places I’ve never had definition before. The best thing about Kristal is that her training doesn’t stop just at our gym sessions. She goes far beyond her job scope to do whatever she can to motivate her clients to achieve their goals. My lifestyle has completely changed with her help.  I have joined the gym for almost 2 years and this is the first time I've seen weight loss and muscle tone. I can never have achieved what I have today without Kristal. I have never been happier with the progress my body is making than before!"

Annabel van der Nagel

 "I first started going to the gym at about 15 – which, when I think about it, is pretty young.  I went every day, for an hour minimum, slaving away on the treadmill.  There were little TV’s above each machine, and I was in the perfect comfort zone.  Occasionally, I would finish my run and go down to the “Stretch” centre, where I would try and tone (I hate that word) my abdominals, or tighten (I hate that word too) my thighs.  I had a giant picture of Giselle Bündchen in my room and I was determined to look like her.  By the end of the first year of training, I could run 10 kilometres and push 50 kilograms with my legs.  But that was it – that was all my hard work had achieved.I stopped going to the gym until I had finished school, now having so much time on my hands that I didn’t know what to do with.  One day, I saw an advertisement for a “Free Month of PT”.  I thought to myself: I’m getting no results, I have no idea what I am doing, and I still look EXACTLY the same as I did four months ago…So, I entered it.   I have never felt so satisfied before in my life.  With Kristal I stepped onto the big, macho man weights floor, and learnt how to do things I had only ever dreamed of.  The Smith Machine wasn’t scary, Barbells weren’t for body builders, and the guys at the bench-press didn’t squash me…they smiled.

Kristal showed me that women can lift just as well as men.  She showed me how to “Deadlift” (which is by FAR my favourite weight exercise), and how to build my physique.  I didn’t look like a rookie on the floor, Kristal was challenging me, and I loved it.  Within months my body was doing things I never thought it could.  Doing weights not only makes you feel great, but you also look brilliant.  As Lou Schuler – author of The New Rules of Lifting for Women – says “With our without excess fat, your body will simply not look healthy and fit without well trained muscle tissue.” Simply, training weights is the only effective way to build and maintain muscle.  You can do cardio exercises all you like, but you’re only going to see calories ticking away on the screen.  I know I needed a little confidence push to enter the weights floor – and Kristal gave me that.  Whatever mood I’m in, however lazy I feel, Kristal makes me feel strong and satisfied with myself.  If I’m lazy – she’ll make me work harder.  If I can do the weights easily, she adds more. I feel myself getting stronger and more confident every day I train with her."

Learn about Aleesha's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Jonelle Thompson

“Signing up for Kristal to be my personal trainer was one of the best decisions I made. Kristal is a very bubbly and friendly person though her personality should not fool any one when it comes down to training with her, I was always pushed to try my very best no matter what we where doing but we always had time for a laugh in the midst of a serious workout. She likes to see results and will always motivate you to do the best you can and will always encourage you to be eating healthy and living a healthy life style. When I trained with Kristal I lost 6kg in the first few months, this was a great feeling as I had been trying to lose weight for so long and couldn't. unfortunately I could only train with Kristal for a few months as I relocated to a different city and I would had loved if she relocating with me just so I could have keep her as my PT. Since moving I have not yet rejoined the gym as of yet but Kristal has taught me enough for me to keep fit and healthy so I can stay on track with my weight and goals and I have reached the weight goal I set for myself and am now aiming for a better one and Kristal still keeps in touch and checks up on me every few months to see how i'm doing and to keep me motivated. I would recommend Kristal to any one who wants results, she is a great personal trainer and does her job well!”

Irene Emmauel

"Kristal found me at a rowing machine and offered me a free session. I continued training with her for the 8-week challenge and it was totally the best decision I made earlier this year. She is so lovely I felt the time flew during all our sessions. My friends started seeing results right after I finished my challenge and I keep getting compliments from fellow gym goers and basically people in general 😊 Thanks to her I now know how to eat healthy and maintain my shape! If you are ready to make the best decision to become healthy, Kristal is the PT I will recommend! Now I am in Sydney and will continue what she has taught 😉 Once again thank you Kristal!!!"

Learn about Kelly's 8 Week Challenge journey and his experience training with Kristal.

Crystle Gambetta

 "Having been a member for Les Mills for 13 years and then Fitness First for a few more on top of that, I have had many trainers. Not one of them has come close to the experience I had with Kristal. A personal trainer is more than just a whip cracker. They are a motivator and they give whole of life guidance to help you achieve your well-being goals. You get this and more when you train with Kristal Stirling. I achieved strength goals I didn't know were possible. I gained a physique that I was proud of. I gained a friend, even though she warned me at my first session she wasn't here to make friends but to train hard! I wholeheartedly recommend Kristal to anyone looking for a trainer, no matter what shape, size or goal you have in mind, you can't get better than this highly motivated and organised young lady"

Clarice McDonnell

"Before I started my personal training program with Kristal I was too scared to walk into the weight section of the gym, completely unaware of how to use the machines and weights and had huge misconceptions about how weights would affect my figure. I have been training with Kristal Stirling for over 2 years and she has completely changed my attitude towards my health, fitness and life. Our weekly “therapy” sessions consist of pushing my body far beyond what I had ever thought was possible, consistently breaking PB’s, while distracting me from the pain with the hilarious stories of our weeks. After 2 years of training, I am Kristal’s longest standing client and credit her as being the major driver for my improvements in conditioning and strength over that time. Kristal goes above and beyond the call of duty of trainers, helping my make better choices in regards to diet and lifestyle outside of the gym and organising exciting programs to keep me motivated and on track.Her experience and approach to training has been beneficial in many ways. At the beginning she was able to assess my condition and as my strength and abilities have progressed she constantly challenges me and has never let me feel like I’ve had an easy or lazy day. Kristal always provides me with a different mix of exercises, increasing the levels of challenge while maintaining a core approach to resistance and weight training.

Kristal always gives a 120% to every session, her bubbly and friendly attitude always perk up my mood after long days at work. She closely monitors posture and form to ensure that I avoid injuries. On the business side she has always been there for our appointments and has always accommodated my schedule when I needed to change days or times because of work. Kristal is a real pro and an absolute gem of a personal trainer and I continue to recommend her without hesitation."

Learn about Ewen's 8 Week Challenge journey and his experience training with Kristal.

Amy Corby

"I started training with Kristal because even though I had always worked out I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted.  Kristal pushes me outside of my comfort zone and now I am definitely seeing results.  I have been training with Kristal for 6 months now and I really look forward to our sessions.  She is always so positive and a she is a fantastic motivator.  Her involvement in my training program isn't just limited to working out, she has a very holistic approach and has also been helpful with diet and lifestyle advice.  I am happier now with my body than I have ever been and Kristal has been instrumental in me feeling fit, healthy and strong.  She was recommended to me and I would recommend her to anyone, she is amazing!"

Kellie-Ann Field

"I trained with Kristal for around 15weeks and am absolutely amazed at how far I progressed in such a short time. Not only did I lose an average of 8 kilos and 1o cm off my hips, my strength improved incredibly and my once non-existent muscles started to become defined. Love my new traps!

I trained with Kristal once a week for 30 minutes and was put through a strength and endurance “Body Blitz” session that would push me to my absolute limits. These sessions resulted in my being able to do 70kg deadlifts, 140kg leg presses and pumping out “real push ups” which was a goal of mine I was able to achieve.

I am so happy with what I achieved whilst training with Kristal. Not only was I pushed to the max through the training sessions, Kristal offered plenty of support and guidance and even “walked the talk” by competing in her 10 week challenge alongside of us. We were kept accountable each week to our diets as well, as Kristal would do our skin fold tests to determine our body fat % and would definitely show if you went off the rails with food that week. Kristal was the perfect trainer for me. She is an incredible trainer and showed me what amazing things could be achieved with your fitness goals when passion and dedication are put into the mix. I take with me my acquired knowledge and now apply and practice it in my life daily as I continue on with my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey."

Learn about Maedeh's 8 Week Challenge journey and her experience training with Kristal.

Sophie Dettrick

"Kristal is a fanatic personal trainer and life coach - who gets results! Before I started training with Kristal I was terrified of the weights floor, now I love it. Kristal taught me what and how to use the weights and what techniques to use. Kristal is one of the most knowledgeable and confident people I've ever meant and has the remarkable ability to inspire and motivate even when all else is failing. She cares about more then just the session, she finds out the important personal details that affect results and help you overcome them or use them to your advantage. In the 4 months training with Kristal, the results I got were amazing. Deciding to train with Kristal was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to lose weight, tone up or just simplest learn how to lift weights."

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