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It’s time to change

Don’t settle for another standard meal plan or exercise program.

Understand the other factors that are halting your progress with health.

WHAT IS ph360?

ph360 is  Personalised health made easy. It’s the  world’s first personalised health platform based on your epigenetics. It uses 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to analyse your genetic expression so that it can tell you exactly how to use factors in your everyday life to get and stay healthy. 


The algorithm has been in the making for the past 20 years and uses a base of 15 different sciences to calculate your individual health type.


Whilst the multiple layers of science and the algorithms of the platform are complex, the way it works is simple.

We take your measurements, capturing over 1000 scientific data points, which are plugged into the algorithm where 10,000 correlations are made. The platform then, based on your genetics and epigenetic factors determines your hormonal composition. Based on this information, your personalised “road map” is then generated to apply to aspects of your life including diet, fitness, social, environment and talents / genius.


How this can help you? As a ph360 trained health professional this will provide you with a personalised road map to help you achieve optimal health. By understanding the relationship between specific biomarkers on the human body with hormonal and genetic development, as well as advanced training in anthropometric assessment and phenotypology. Ph360 provides you a specific nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program that meets your unique needs, tailored specially for you.

get to know the health types below!
the activator

"Agile, Focused, Competitive, Loves Change, Shorter with Naturally Defined Muscles"

Jumping Mountain Biker_edited.jpg

The natural athlete, usually shorter in stature, with naturally toned muscles, the Activator has a natural hourglass figure. Their hands and feet are smaller than other HealthTypes and they naturally like to stay active and busy.

Activators have a short digestive system so the digestive process happens quickly. Be sure to eat frequently, with up to five or six small meals each day. Including animal proteins is important and variety helps the Activator stay interested and their taste-buds excited.

the connector

"Thoughtful, Playful, Likes to Talk, Energising, Charismatic, Shorter with Muscle"

Selfie with Friends

Similar to the Activator, the Connector is smaller in stature but with a broader bone structure, often with a wider chest and good, strong calves. Variety is the key for a Connector to stay happy and healthy.

Connectors have a great relationship with food – how it tastes, how it feels and even how it looks. It’s important for the Connector to keep this in mind when selecting foods to eat. A variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables that differ in taste, colour and consistency will keep the Connector’s senses satiated, and an environment filled with other healthy, conscious eaters will make a fulfilling meal all round.

the guardian

"Enjoys People, Conserves Energy, Social, Hosts Dinners, Naturally High Body Mass"

Happy Family Portrait

The Guardian is the strongest of all Health Types, with thick, strong bones and the capacity to hold the most muscle. The Guardian is naturally a provider and conserver, and hence has the ability to store fat easily in case of famine later on.

With that nurturing focus, Guardians also tend to like large portions and foods that gives pleasure. The Guardian can use these strengths to bring the family together for dinners and events. A Diet high in vegetables, low in fruits with just a little animal protein here and there is best suited to the Guardian to ensure plenty of energy and maintained health.

the diplomat

"Even Pace, Particular, Friendly, Easy-Going, High Body Mass"

Meditating on the Beach

As the most naturally nomadic body, the Diplomat has a sturdy body that is strong and enduring. The Diplomat body naturally has a slower pace than others so finds it helpful not to rush about. Happiness comes for the Diplomat in comfort.

Diplomats have the longest digestive system so a five- to six-hour fast between meals is very healthy for this body. In fact, the Diplomat may be totally satisfied when eating only 2-3 times each day. A regular diet high in vegetables and low in animal proteins is best to avoid fermentation and further complications through the long gut. Eating is a pleasure-filled activity for the Diplomat so it’s important to choose carefully and take joy in both the foods that are eaten and the company kept during meal times.


"Seems Aloof, Less Talkative, Productive, Sensitive, Byzantine, Long and Lean"

Autumn Mood

The Sensor is naturally long and thin, with light bones and the tendency to store very little fat. With this in mind, the Sensor is usually sensitive to the cold and requires fuel like snacks to keep their energy throughout the day.

Sensors naturally have a high metabolism and low body fat so are unlikely to gain weight, even if eating unfavorably for a period of time. However that doesn’t mean that a Sensor can eat a poor diet and be healthy. Sensors need to keep the nervous system in good shape with healthy fats, the digestive system working efficiently with well cooked meats and vegetables, the immune system strong with the right foods and thermoregulation maintained with warm meals and drinks.

the crusader

"Determined, Skeptical, Logical, Impersonal, Lean"

Work in the park

The Crusader has a long, lean frame but has the capacity to hold or build more muscle than the Sensor. Their joints are of a medium size and their body is built for endurance, allowing them to push through and achieve whichever crusade they pursue.

Crusaders have a high metabolism and a tendency to maintain a strict regime which means it’s unlikely that you will gain weight accidentally. Eating three to four times a day maintains a Crusader’s energy and a good steady intake of carbohydrates is required to continually fuel the ever-working  brain and body. Well cooked proteins are a must as the Crusader stomach tends to have lower naturally occurring levels of hydrochloric acid than other bodies. Avoiding alcohols and other toxins like processed sugars is important for the Crusader body and brain to function at its peak performance level.

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